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Auramarine is the pioneers in fuel supply system for marine and power plant industries. Its products and service result from a combination of heritage and expertise. Auramarine offer reliable, high quality, proven technology available optimized to best serve customers delivering the highest value.

Auramarin’s history is deeply-rooted in Finnish Maritime industry. Since its foundation in 1974 the company has delivered robust and reliable products to its customers.



Robust and reliable auxiliary units combined with superior lifecycle services. Auramarine heavy fuel oil (HFO) and marine gas oil (MGO) supply units meet critical fuel circulation needs. They ensure that a fuel’s condition continuously satisfies engine-specific requirements, taking care of fuel filtering heating and cooling.

Auramarine fuel supply unit offer the additional benefit of a compact design, enabling an operator to maximise revenue-generating space on board a vessel.

Both HFO and MGO units are available in different size according to total engine power requirements, ranging from 1Mw to over 50 Mw.

Tailor-made units for higher power output are available on request.

HFO unit type                                                    MGO unit type



Power plant are an essential asset of today’s global infrastructures. Whether the land-based plant or station runs on heavy fuel (HFO), light fuel oil (LFO), crude oil or biofuel, Auramarine units are used for pumping, filtering impurities, heating and cooling, viscosity control and many other functions to ensure that fuel reaches the engine correctly pressurized, clean and at the right temperature.


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