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CMR was founded in 1959 in Marseille, for the production of a full range of instrumentation products (sensor) and system (alarm, monitoring control & supervision).

With a team of 80 highly skilled people including 20 engineers, its objective is to apply innovative technology to meet the advanced instrumentation and automation requirements of many industrial, power plant, oil & gas, and marine customers.

YOUR needs, our promise

  • Exceeding your expectations.
  • Delivering you the benefits of continual improvement & open communication.
  • Serving you with a “CAN DO” process-led approach.
  • Caring for all people, treading everyone with dignity and respect.
  • Solving you challenges through a global response.



CMR is highly experienced in ensuring the reliable and safe operation of your conventional, nuclear, distributed and renewable power plant facilities, able to design a complete monitoring and control system for any plant, including load sharing management and synchronization of generator.

  • Electricity control command
  • Automation
  • Instrumentation including specialist nuclear sensor
  • Process computers
  • Data acquisition, monitoring & supervision
  • System integration
  • Communication networks

CMR can offer individual components and complete system.

Wiring harnesses, industrial sensor and controls, alarm monitoring, safety system (AMS) and local operating panels (LOP).

CMR provides full product lifecycle management.



CMR has been a trusted source of high quality electrical system and electronic products for marine and shipbuilding requirements for over 50 years. With its products supports the reliable operation of ship’s engine and automated monitoring control.

CMR system are marine register certified like LRS, DNV, BV, RINA.

CMR customers cover the range from small to medium-size commercial vessels including also the yachts world.




E-pulse is an Engine Control System Package, suitable for any type high and medium speed engines in marine and Power plant installation operating in heavy-duty conditions. Since the system, topology is the same, as the one installed on the engine E-Pulse does not impose changing the existing instruments installed on the engine.


  • Fully retro compatible to existing installation
  • Designed and developed with the latest technology
  • Open source programs: gives full autonomy & independence to the end user
  • Very short downtime during retrofit operation
  • Reduce OPEX cost
  • No services required from OEM manufacturer
  • Class type approved components
  • Retrofits performed by worldwide technical support and service network

Brochure 2014

CMR Group - E-Pulse Datasheet