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We Tech solution is a Finnish Clean-tech company that develops, sells and delivers Variable Frequency Driven Shaft Generation solutions for the global shipping industry. Our primary focus is creating savings for the customers by providing energy efficient solutions suitable for both retrofitting of existing ships and new building


Energy efficiency in global shipping

The Shaft Generator system has been successfully utilised on board ships for more than three decades.

The main advantage is the usage of Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) operated Main Engines for electrical power production-thus significantly reducing the running hours of Auxiliary Generators. However, generating ships electrical power by utilising a Shaft Generator has imposed a great disadvantage: constant speed operation of the propulsion machinery.

We are now removing the disadvantage of constant speed operation by utilising Variable Frequency Drive technologies in the Shaft Generator System.



We Tech has developed a portfolio of new solutions providing many benefits to the shipping industry such as increasing energy efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and cutting environmentally harmful emissions.


Solution one

Is a PTO (power take out system) that enables propulsion machinery to operate in combinatory/variable speed mode while the shaft generator produces ship electrical power. The variable speed shaft generator solution operates alone or in continuous parallel with Auxiliary Generators. This solution can also be used for upgrading of existing vessels

Solution two

Is a PTI (power take in system) used for Take Me Home/Take Me Away operations.

In PTI mode, the Shaft Generator is operated as an electric motor which is controlled by the We Drive. The main Engine is disconnected from the propeller shaft when in Take Me Home mode.

Solution three

Is a PTI Booster system. The Shaft Generator is utilised as an electrical motor, driven by the We Drive and provides additional torque to the propeller alongside with the Main Engine. Solution three is utilised as Ice-Boost mode for ice-classed vessels when sailing in ice and for boosting the Main Engine when otherwise required. Boost mode allows for low-load optimisation of Main Engine in normal condition.

Solution four

Utilises the DC-link of the We-Drive thus enabling energy efficient and economical methods to distribute power. Large consumers such as bow thruster and cargo pumps have their dedicated INU (inverter unit) connected directly to the DC-link of the WE Drive. This way harmonic distortion (THD) remains low in all operation conditions and fault currents in the Main Switch Board are limited.

Solution five

Uses all the energy efficient features of hybrid propulsion machineries plus a ship-wide DC-link power distribution system. DC-link distribution of electrical power to all consumers substantially increases the energy efficiency of the vessel.

The Hybrid DC machinery concept includes variable speed Auxiliary Generators and Permanent Magnet technologies for rotating machines. With the ship-wide DC-link power distribution fault currents are kept to a minimum thanks to the precise controls by dedicated Inverter Units in the distribution system. The need for large switchboards and bulky transformers are therefore eliminated, which means greater savings in space and weight as well as far better total efficiency.


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