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Imes is a private owned company founded by Stefan Neumann in 1996, located in the town of Kaufbeuren in the south of Germany. It’s specialized in electronic measurement, monitoring and testing of cylinder pressure on engines and compressors based on its high precision TION thin film pressure sensor.

IMES electronic pressure indicators, sensors and combustion monitoring system are employed on a wide range of diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines.


IMES products are characterized by their ideal combination of precision, robustness, long effective life and outstanding cost-effectiveness.

Cylinder Pressure Sensor

As one of the most basic values in combustion engine technology, cylinder pressure give unique insights into both engine performance and engine condition. Equipping each cylinder of a diesel, gas or dual-fuel engine with an IMES cylinder pressure sensor provide a vital input to electronic control, monitoring and diagnose system and fund of information for human analysis.

IMES combustion pressure sensors are characterises by their long term accuracy with minimal signal drift over long periods, combined with their outstanding cost effectiveness.

Low Pressure Test

Low pressure sensor LPS-01 is a temperature compensated high-temperature sensor to optimise gas exchange on engines to reduce pollutant emission.
a good analysis of pressure condition or pressure drop it is important to be as close to the inlet side as possible to measure on the individual cylinders.

An additional challenge results from the different geometry of the intake collector as due to this the cylinders are supplied with air differently. This should be avoided as far as possible.
LPS-01 measures the events at inlet and outlet side. On the basis of the measured data the turbocharger can be adjusted and gas exchange optimised.

CCM Combustion Control Module

CCM is a smart combustion signal processing device for marine and stationary gas engines.
The CCM function is to acquire and process in real time data from cylinder pressure sensors
on dual-fuel and spark ignited gas engines. Every combustion cycle will be evaluated on every cylinder
for to calculate key parameters engine builders needs to implement cylinder pressure based control on engines.
CCM is designed as a plug-and play module for IMES CCM Systems.

IPE IMES Performance Evaluating Software

The new IPE IMES Performace Evaluation Software designed for 2 and 4-stroke diesel engines loads cylinder pressure data from EPM-XP directly and gives a quick and very reliable view on many operational aspects.
Furthermore it recommends actions to take for optimising engine condition.
Due to easy handling and ISO correction it is a timesaving and reliable system that enables extensive savings by reducing fuel and lube oil consumption as well as engine repairs caused by inadequately adjusted engines.

Electronic Pressure Indicator

IMES electronic pressure indicators are designed as compact and lightweight handheld devices for diesel and gas engines. They are easy to use and convince with their accuracy and their sophisticated analysing software.
IMES offers four indicator types:

EPM-XP plus

CCM–Combustion Control System

The CCM is a system which enables in real time data acquisition of cylinder pressure on engines.

Data can be recorded from up to 20 cylinders for closed loop control applications and to diagnose malfunctions or to assist in the setting and optimising of engine parmeters e.g. balancing cylinder.
IMES offers fixed and portable CCM systems for diesel and gas engines.


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