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Geislinger is a leading expert in torsional Vibration research. With more than 50 Years’ experience in finding torsional vibration solutions, Geislinger has acquired an outstanding level of expertise in the field, ranging from expert knowledge on marine application, oil & gas, power generation, rail, to wind power and other weight sensitive applications.



Research and development plays a major role in the company philosophy. The result can be seen in the high quality of products to provide to the customer the perfect solution for their applications.



In order to ensure the correct performance of a system during operation and to facilitate a condition base monitoring of the products Geislinger offer a monitoring system that was developed and improved for more than 25 years. By detecting critical overloads, damage to the damper, coupling and other drivetrain components can be avoided.



Professional maintenance of system is essential in order to ensure its smooth performance over a long service period.

A global network of subsidiaries and service partners provide after-sales services, anywhere, at any time.


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