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From the beginnings in 1948, when Elton Fox designed and manufactured the very first wax element thermostatic temperature control valve, when the name was American Motors instead of AMOT, and when operated from a single location in Richmond, California, AMOT goal has been to provide customers with the simple, reliable products they need to keep their equipment running smoothly, efficiently, and with minimal downtime.

As Amot grew, both in size and product offerings, it’s entered the world of diesel engine safety, and the original goal took on new meaning.

Throughout 70-year history, AMOT has worked closely with end users and engine manufacturers alike to deliver the right solution for each application, whether it’s a product already in portfolio, or one must be design to exact user specifications.


Marine Application

Some of the first AMOT thermostatic control valves ever manufactured were installed in marine applications where they quickly became the industry’s solution to decreasing warm up time, reducing oil sludge formation and salt deposits, improving fuel consumption, and boosting overall engine performance.

Over time, the marine industry became more focused on engine optimization and performance while facing newer and more stringent regulations and emission controls.

In response to this need, AMOT developed the Model G Actuated Temperature Control valve. Model G valves offer fast response for tighter temperature accuracy, reduced lifecycle costs, emission reductions, easy drop-in replacement with existing systems, and flexibility. They can be used as stand-alone valves or integrated with control systems.


Power Plant and Generator

The world depends on electricity for every aspect of modern life, but most people spend little time thinking about it – until it doesn’t work. Power plant operators and those who rely on back up emergency power depend on equipment that starts quickly and operates efficiently, and that begins with controlling the equipment’s vital fluids.

AMOT robust thermostatic control valves install easily and require little maintenance, so you can be sure they’ll continue to work during critical applications. However, in situations where temperature fluctuations require flexible temperature adjustment, AMOT Model G Valves are the answer. AMOT G valves can increase output and decrease warm up time by providing tight temperature control.



AMOT recommends servicing thermostatic control valves with each regularly-scheduled major equipment overhaul. Where valves are used in higher risk, sensitive, or extreme applications, we recommend more frequent inspections and replacement of worn components.


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