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Bosch is a leading manufacturer of components for diesel engines in both the on-highway and off-highway segments and continually sets new standards with its diesel innovations. Bosch offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality components and systems for both segments. A large proportion of off-highway diesel engine and generator manufacturers take advantage of this and benefit from excellent power dynamics, low emissions and low fuel consumption.

Bosch can draw on over 40 years of experience with mechanical fuel-injection systems for large engines. The Bosch PF single injection pump with a nozzle holder assembly for each engine cylinder is a particularly successful example among these. Due to the robust design, the PF pump can be operated with a large selection of fuel types.

Conventional System

In-line fuel-injection pumps (e.g. ZWM)
Unit Pump System
Nozzle-and-holder assemblies
Pump elements
Pressure valves

Modular Common rail system

High-pressure pumps
CRIN-LE injectors

Diesel Generator

When it comes to generators, the demands on diesel technology are particularly high, as they sometimes have to deliver uninterrupted power supplies around the clock. As one of the leading manufacturers of components for diesel engines, Bosch can draw on its particular expertise in the field of diesel technology, providing solutions for diesel generator components. With this, Bosch products ensure a long service life for generators.

Gas Generators

Gas generators around the world are fitted with high-quality components from Bosch. For instance, Bosch industrial spark plugs ensure the reliability of generators and assure continuous and dependable power output.