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Laser Aligner

Although still today many naval / industrial maintenance workers use manual instruments to perform alignments with the aid of comparators, Spare Nav.i. & Services has been using the laser aligner of the Fixtur Laser leader in the sector for precision equipment for several years.


Motor-reduction gear, Motor-alternator

The laser alignment allows you to determine and adjust the relative position of two machines that are connected so that the center of rotation of the axes is collinear.

The alignment correction is done by horizontal and vertical adjustment of the support feet of one of the machines until the alignment of the two axes is within tolerance.


Axis line alignment

The axle line of a ship is the set of mechanical parts aimed at transmitting engine power to the propeller and therefore is an element of primary importance and subject to special care.

The use of laser alignment allows to verify the correct distribution of the loads in correspondence with the different supports of the shaft line in order to keep the stresses acting on them within the allowable values.

The desired final result is therefore to obtain an adequate load distribution on the axle bushings and bearings and, if necessary, act mechanically by bringing the values back within the normal operating range.


Main advantages of correct alignment:

• Extension of the functional life of the elastic elements

• Less mechanical vibrations

• Extending the functional life of the bearings

• Avoid damage from overheating due to contact between the axle and bushing