officina riparazione motori navali genova italia | ricambi motori marini New Injection department

New Injection department

Maintenance and reconditioning of components

To meet the needs of its customers, more and more oriented to a cost reduction policy without sacrificing the quality of services, Spare Nav.I. & Services in recent years has invested in highly specialized human resources and in latest generation of technologies. A new department has been created equipped with all those machinery, equipment, regulation and control systems necessary for the maintenance and reconditioning of components for the injection equipment of the main marine and industrial diesel engines.

Quality and Flexibility:

Spare Nav.I. & Services, through the use of dedicated skilled personnel, is also able to perform directly on the engine to check the operating conditions of the injection system, making appropriate corrections if necessary. Thanks to experience and excellent relationships established over the years with the main manufacturers in the sector, Spare Nav.I. & Services can grant:

• A strategic stock of components, new and reconditioned, always available for the major brands of engines.

• Problem solving analysis.

• Availability 24 hours a day.